Orange Crush 27.5 Hardtail

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Designed around a grin-inducing 140mm fork and a new tapered headtube, the Crush’s burly 6061-T6 aluminium frameset is reinforced in all the right places. Now on 27.5" wheelset, 'cos that's how it rolls.

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Crush Washer on Pike Damper Side Bolt

[ATTACH=CONFIG]861266[/ATTACH] Anyone know how to get the crush washer off from the base of the threads of this bolt on the Pike?Read More »

Getting back to MTB.... New to me Orange Crush..

Due to life and injuries from Motorcycles ect I have had about 20 years off from riding apart from the odd ride every few years. I have had my Checker Pig practically since I started riding. I love the bike even though it is out dated and rigid and not the latest and greatest. It has survived drop o ... Read More »

New Bike: Steely, Chameleon, Crush . . . Opinions?

[Sorry about any errors; this is my first post:cool:] So I'm thinking about getting another bike mostly for "all-mountain" type stuff, but also light freeride and occasional downhill, some jumping maybe a few times a month, and also quite a bit of xc. But my main focus is AM, including fast downhil ... Read More »

Fox Fork Crush Washer Sizes

I need to change the lower's oil on my Fox Fork. The seals are in great shape so I will not be replacing them. All I need is new crush washers but not sure what size to get. I know I could perhaps reuse but I don't want to take the risk of an oil leak just to save a couple bucks. 2013 FOX FLOAT ... Read More »

Stolen k2 Crush (Pic)

Hope this doesnt pizz anybody off but the more people that see... the better. About 3 months ago I had my k2 Crush stolen :madman: I rode it like crazy mostly through reach 11 and the McDowells. Heres a pic [IMG][/IMG] ... Read More »

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