Zipp Water Bottle Water Carrier

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Zipp Water Bottle. The checkered flag motif on Zipp bottles is a reminder that you're here to win and we're here to help. Stay hydrated 24 or 21 oz. at a time when you're rolling on the world's finest wheels.

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Water Bottle on Mount Vision XM8

None of my water bottles will fit in the water bottle cage on my Mount Vision. Is there a bottle cage which travels lower that can be mounted there and accept a normal water bottle? There is another place to mount a water bottle, but that's on the bottom of the tube, near the BB, where it will ... Read More »

Camelback or water bottle pit stops

I am riding a 3 hour race this weekend and was wondering if it would be better if I carry my fluid all at one time in my CamelBack or should I use water bottles and swap them at the pit stops. I could save weight with water bottles but take time to stop and get them or start out heavy with CamelBack ... Read More »

Light Bicycle CF water bottle cages review.

Light Bicycle (LB) makes cheap frames, rims, wheels, water bottle cages and other things in China. I bought some wheels from them and decided to try a couple of their cf water bottle cages too because they are light, cheap, look good and shipping would be free for me because they could throw a coupl ... Read More »

Looking for a water cage (and bottle) to fit my 2013 Scalpel 4 size small

I tried mounting a side mount water cage to my bike and not even a small water bottle would fit. Seems the cage mount is too far away from the down tube. Anyone know of any water cages where it mounts closer ( I am thinking a few millimeters will help) to the down tube?Read More »

Light Bicycle Water Bottle Cages??? Tried Any???

Are LB water bottle cages good? At $11 for a carbon cage, they are a great value. If you have any experience with them please let me know. I imagine they could throw a couple of them in the box with a wheelset so shipping would be free.Read More »

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