Twin Six Mach 6 Water Carrier

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Sip the sweet syrupy serum of success out of your Twin Six Mach 6 Water Bottle.

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Mach 6 vs SB66a

Hey guys this is my first post on here. My question to you guys is get a M6 or SB66a? I am interested in the yeti cause that frame set is so cheap now but have never riden one. I have read all the reviews on it on the yeti forum and seems like awesome ride. I was lucky enough this year to get to tes ... Read More »

paid spam: mach 6 variety

check out the attached link for a killer deal on a slightly used pivot mach 6 size medium in classifieds: [url=]2014 Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Stealth Size Medium - Buy and Sell and Review Mou ... Read More »

Pivot Mach 6 paid spam in classifieds

giving a head's up to anyone looking for a great buy on a lightly used Pivot Mach 6. located in the classifieds secition and here is the link: [url=]2014 Pivot Mach 6 Carbon Stealth Size Medium - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and ... Read More »

Mach 6 - can you get into KOPS?

Wondering if you can get forward enough on the Mach 6 to be in a cross country riding position, i.e., KOPS. I know this is a bit ridiculous, and there is a new Mach4 27.5, but I'm tempted to build up a Mach6 for cross country long rides. Currently on a Mach5, and on a ks lev (no setback) I hav ... Read More »

Mach 6 - Pike or not to Pike?!

Hey All, Newbie here, I know this topic has probably already been thrashed - but I'm still struggling with this decision... I have a Mach 6 Small frame with the standard XT build on the way. Current fork is set to be upgraded to the Fox 34 Kashima CTD within the build price. The shop has now offer ... Read More »

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