Specialized Rib Cage Water Carrier

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Xiphoid process / bottom of rib cage

Lately I've noticed that my xiphoid process protrudes more than it used to from the bottom of my rib cage, particularly after high exertion rides. From what I've read it is quite common for this to occur in the over 40 crowd (of which I am a full fledged member). Anyone else notice this, slammed or ... Read More »

Stomach / below rib cage protection

Can anyone suggest or knows of any front protection that covers the abdomen area. I realize that a hard shell is not possible for movement reasons but maybe some type of soft protection or heavier elastic strapping. My son has just recently had a 3 week stay in hospital (1 week in intensive care) ... Read More »

E ticket ride in Cortez, CO: Phil's World - Rib Cage

This is one of the loops in the "Phil's World" area: Rib Cage... a rippin' E ticket ride... just wish I wasn't solo and had someone in front of me... still an OK vid, every time I watch I can still FEEL the ride! Read More »

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