Blackburn Switchback Water Carrier

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Thicker 5mm stainless steel construction for an even tighter grip on large bottles.

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Switchback atom smasher technique?

Im looking to get better on the flowy downhill switchbacks. I love the art of when i can let off the brakes,& rocket out of the turns,feeling the suspension compress,& release. The g-force gives me a rush that i cant get enough of. Anyone else get this passion/buzz? Thanks for the dope.Read More »

what is best way to keep speed up through a tight switchback with no berm to use

Is there a trick to going down fast around tight switchbacks without losing all your speed? Every time I try to come in with more speed I end up going wide...Read More »

Post your Hammerhead / Switchback

Considering the recent influx of people on this forum who are riding hammerhead thumpers, switchback unveil 9s and unveil 7s, I thought it would be nice for us all to have a place to post our pics / discussion / builds / favorite beers / etc. I'm excited to see and hear about all of your bikes! ... Read More »

The Official Switchback Unveil 9 Build Thread

Working with Scott @ Switchback Bikes, I got a Hammerhead Thumper Frame leftover that I will be building up as a Unveil 9. This thread will document my build, parts choice explanations, and observations as I go along. It will be getting a full custom powder coat job with the Unveil 9 graphics, and ... Read More »

Stanton Switchback, another slack HT option.

This just popped up on my RSS feed. Seems like a great combo of geo and features for those of us wanting a sturdy slack HT. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG] ... Read More »

Read More »




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