Azonic Hydration System Water Carrier

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upgraded features that include an enlarged, double butted bulged down seat and top tubes, upper and lower front gussets and disc brake compatible rear dropouts. Available in Powder Black, Red and Polished finish in 14", 16.5" and 18" sizes and 27.2 or 31.8 clamp.

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Speedfil hydration system

Anyone ever use this? It's designed for triathlons but looks like it could be useful in endurance racing, especially for 100-milers where they'll refill your bottle for you. 40oz and a bite valve instead of having to fill a bunch of bottles and deposit them at various feed zones. [url=http://fo ... Read More »

Recommend me a hydration system for mtb stage racing.

I will be doing Iron Bike in July, an eight day mtb stage race across northern Italy. I am told its a good idea to have a hydration pack as there can sometimes be a long way between feed stations, and also because its mandatory we carry space blanket and extra clothing etc, so will be nice to not ha ... Read More »

Need advice on Hydration system vs. water bottle

What's the max distance/time you'll ride without a Camelpak? I carry a 70oz knockoff brand pack that holds my tube, pump, Cliff Bars and my multitool. I'm doing another 2 man 9 mile lap, 6 hr race next week and was thinking of dumping the pack and rolling with 2 bottles. Wise decision?Read More »

Sette Flowpac Hydration System 100oz.

I am about to order the Sette Flowpac Hydration System and was wondering if anyone else has one made by Sette and what your opinion of them are? Are they on par with Camelbak? I know they may not have as good of a warranty but was wondering about build and feature quality. Any input would be helpful ... Read More »

Hydration system??

Ok, so I currently have a very old Mule Camelbak. It works fine but I think it is time for an update (I have already changed out the bladder and hose twice). I like the new quick disconnect and the larger mouth opening on the bladder as well. I would also like a bag that has the air channels in i ... Read More »

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