Drift Innovation HD170 Video Cameras

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Product Description

The Drift HD170 is the worlds first sports action camera which films in full HD and has a playback screen and remote control. This rugged waterproof camera is the first camera that gives people what they want from an Action Camera:

  • Full HD for creating crystal clear footage
  • A playback screen for lining up shots and the ability to play back the footage right away
  • A remote control to enable you to film what you want to record, not the boring stuff in between
  • Easy to use mounts so you can use it whenever you want and mount it anywhere your imagination allows you. The shape of the camera and the mounts it comes with make it the easiest camera out there to use

Drift Innovation HD170 Video Cameras Pro Review

The Drift Innovations HD170 is a rugged outdoor sports video camera, that is easy to use. It has an excellent usage factor, combining loud indicator beeps for mode changes, a fully rotatable lens and a useful LCD screen, that does horizontal alignment and recorded viewing. The camera records high definition video resolutions of 720p and 1080p, and has proven itself to take excellent footage with great clarity and beautiful colors. Continue reading →

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Shoulder mounting a Drift HD170?

I'd really like a chest mount but I just don't think its feasible. I normally mount it to the handlebars, but I get so much frame noise and its just kinda blah after a little while. So my thought is to mount it on my shoulder somehow. The two thoughts I had were sewing the mount onto the shoulder of ... Read More »

Drift HD170 Stealth on board mic?

Is there anyway to improve the sound captured with the internal mic on the Drift HD170? It records shocks to the camera well, and things bouncing off of my helmet, but doesn't capture the sound of the biking rolling or voices too well. I know there's a relatively inexpensive external mic and rear ha ... Read More »

what film editing soft ware for Drift HD170 camera

got heaps of footage, now want to edit some bits together what economical software are poeople using? the Drift cam downloads in .mov files, so can't use Windows Movie Maker etc i DON'T want to convert files either cheap or free is bestRead More »

HD170 Stealth & GoPro stills.

I'm thinking about getting an HD170 Stealth and would like to see some stills (preferably interior) from both the GoPro & HD170 Stealth. If you got 'em, post 'em. Thanks!Read More »

Riding Cumberland BC with Drift HD170

Here is a quick video we slapped together from a ride in Cumberland BC a few weeks ago: Read More »

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