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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: POV Video Cameras and Electronics

Mtbr.com presents a electronics holiday guide, including cameras from Garmin, GoPro, Drift and Sony, smartphone cases and mounts from Lifeproof and Rockform, and Garmin GPS computer mounts from K-Edge and Tate Labs.   Read More »

Throwback Video: Marin's Repack downhill on CBS Evening Magazine in 1979

Although it’s a long way from Red Bull Rampage, mountain biking’s 1970’s network debut is still must-see TV.    Read More »

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Digital Cameras For Cyclists

Step up your cycling photo game with one of the ten cameras in our Holiday Digital Camera Guide. They all fit in a jersey pocket, most of them have built-in Wi-Fi, and they're all better than your camera phone.   Read More »

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GoPro a no no? Suggestions on biking video cameras? Post your vids!!

Hello! recently I have been researching around for video cameras that I would primarily use mountain biking, but also skiing as well. I have heard mixed reviews on many different cameras, and am wondering if any of you have personal preference? Possibly have a video of you biking with the certain ca ... Read More »

video cameras.

hello, all. so I know there's a few people that like recording but do not own a gopro for one reason or another. I figure we can compile a list of alternatives. so here's one. It's actually currently on sale only until tomorrow evening: [URL]http://tech.woot.com/offers/midland-extreme-action-cam ... Read More »

Video Cameras for Mountain Biking

I'm thinking of trying to make a mountain bike video and looking to get a camera for it. I'm just thinking of getting a fairly cheap Flip camera. Any other suggestions? I would be really surprised but I have a Droid 3, anyone use their phones for making mountain bike videos? Edit: I cant believe ... Read More »

Pocket Video Cameras Paired With Helmet Cam?

Howdy all: Does anyone know if some of these pocket video cameras like the Flip can accept the input jacks from a helmet camera? Right now I run my helmet cam to a Sony ZR80 camcorder stashed in my pack, but its a big clunky setup that is a bit more expensive of a camera than I should probably be ... Read More »

'Flip' Video cameras

Anyone have any personal experience with [url=http://www.theflip.com/products_flip_ultra.shtml]these video cams?[/url] The wife is looking at getting one of the Flip Ultra's. Runs on 2 AA batteries, 60 minutes of record time to a 2 gig internal flash memory. Optional 'action mount' which mou ... Read More »

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