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Review: Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR trainer grabs the boring old bike trainer and thrusts it into the tech world with social, virtual and viral features. At its core though, it feels like riding a bicycle.   Read More »

Contest: JetBlack DynoMeter Trainer Giveaway

Enter the JetBlack DynoMeter Trainer Giveaway and you could win this $600 trainer plus a trainer mat and riser block!   Read More »

Just In: JetBlack Z1 Fluid Trainer

Right in time for the indoor season, Jet Black is here with a few trainer options. This JB Z1 is compact, stable and quiet.   Read More »

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Shimano AM41 Flat Biking Trainer Review...

So after much searching for lightweight, sticky, flat pedal, bike specific trainers, I ended up buying the Shimano AM41's. Half the price of some of the 5.10's, Teva's etc, and so much lighter! Onto the Review... Looks : I'd say they are a very marmite trainer, you either love or hate them, they ... Read More »

My cycle trainer blew up

[COLOR=#222222][FONT=Verdana] [COLOR=#222222][FONT=Verdana]Hello, this is my first thread I've started so sorry in advance if it is too long or not correct. anyway about a year or so I borrowed a cycle train from a guy at work. It was very old but in good shape. It is a mag trainer, has an adjuste ... Read More »

Newb needs help with wheels! (Trainer, Hub, Axles, Etc.)

Hey Folks! I am new to the forum. I wanted to reach out to a community of mountain bikers to get some advice. Recently I decided to get serious about getting in shape. I purchased a trainer for a bike that I had in the garage. This specific trainer is designed to use a "Quick Release Skewer". ... Read More »

What's a good trainer?

I hurt my leg pretty good doing an obstacle course race last week. I have major swelling and bruising on my leg, but the doctor I saw ga e me clearance for some light spinning on a stationary bike. Rather than join a gym or buy a stationary bike I'm going to buy a trainer for my mountain bike with ... Read More »

The Ultimate Indoor Trainer + Game System?

Ok, among other things, I consider myself a fairly avid gamer (disclosure!).. and have been following a certain technology that should.. revolutionize gaming experience. So I'm wondering.. combine the same physical technology as the CompuTrainer ([url=http://www.racermateinc.com/computrainer.asp]Ra ... Read More »

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