Wippermann Chain Tool Tools

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TrustThe best chain makerTo produceThe best chainTool! handles all makes/models of chains, includingThe new 10 speedTypes

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Is it essential to carry a chain tool on the trail?

Hi friends I'm on a never ending quest for the most efficient/simple/pure /minimalist mountain bike setup. Right now I have a [URL="http://www.backcountryresearch.com/assets/images/race3/R3_8774.jpg"]Back Country Awesome Strap [/URL] under my seat in which I carry a spare tube, tire levers, co ... Read More »

broke a chain. how many qlinks are ok? tool?

I broke my first chain yesterday. I turned at the bottom of a hill to go back up and I guess I was not in the right gear. I was very surprised this happened but maybe it is somewhat normal? It is a 6 month old specialized epic with 200 miles on it (over 4 rides)and I keep the chain clean and well lu ... Read More »

Chain tool in lightweight multi tool?

I have a park mtb-3 rescue tool which I carry when I go on remote areas and on long rides but it's becoming too heavy and bulky to take on short weekend rides so I'm looking for a lightweight tool that can do most of common things I usually do. I've got a couple in my list but I'm wondering if I sho ... Read More »

Best 1/8 chain tool?

The closest I found is a Park CT-7, but it says it's "s[COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial]pecifically designed to work on the wide and tall 3/16 BMX/freestyle chains", but it will work for 1/8. What's the best option for 1/8? Thanks! Greg [/FONT][/COLOR][url=http://www.amazon.com/Park-Tool-Screw-Bicycle-C ... Read More »

Sugestions for a Shop Chain Tool, Please?

Looking to replace my 20 something year old Cyclo Rivoli chain breaker tool. Been looking/reading reviews of Park, Sette, Pedro's etc. I like the looks and the price $17.00. [url=http://www.pricepoint.com/Brand/Sette/Sette-ST-324L-Screw-Type-Chain-Tool.axd]Sette ST-324L Screw Type Chain Tool | Se ... Read More »

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