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wrench for sram GXP

Will this work on Sram Team GXP ? BBT-9 [IMG][/IMG] Or do I need this , BBT-19.2 ? [IMG][/IMG] Thanks for your time in advanced.Read More »

Lightest budget GXP Crank for 1x11?

I'm building up a new 1x11 hardtail and with so many single ring options out there now I figure there should be some good, budget lightweight combinations out there rather than just buying off-the-shelf. I want to stick with GXP so that I can swap with my other bikes if needed and I'm happy startin ... Read More »

Having a hard time cleaning inside GXP bottom bracket

Hi friends My BB (SRAM GXP) was spinning a bit rough so I tried servicing it today. My first time. Crank came off very easy with just an hex key. Seals as well was easy to get off with a dental pick. When I got to the bearings I ran into a problem. There seem to be no room to get the balls out an ... Read More »

question on threaded GXP bottom bracket and the wavy washer + spacer, is it needed?

have a niner emd that i'm building up and it uses the 73mm threaded bottom bracket. i also have a s1000 OEM crankset from a trek superfly 100. it's also GXP but used the pressfit BB. with the press fit you use the pictured spacer and wavy washer for 3x10. now with this 73mm threaded BB do i even nee ... Read More »

SRAM X0 and X9 22/36/bash GXP cranks

I can get 22/36/bash out of the box on a X9 or X0 crank, but I'm not sure how the bash guard is secured. Is there a shoulder on the spider, like on a triple crank? Or is it just putting the bolts in shear? It looks like on the BB30 spider, there's a shoulder, but I have a BB92 frame. From doing ... Read More »

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