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Topeak Toolstick 11 2012. Tools. ToolStick 11 Allen Wrench A compact, shop grade Allen wrench with articulating tool heads on both ends of a rubber cushioned, hardened steel tool shaft. Each tool head features two specific Allen bit sizes and swivels to make getting at those ....

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[Bluesky Cycling] Buy-1-Get-1-Free 2.1" Kenda Blue Groove Stick-E

Bought mine, get it while the gettin is good! [URL="https://www.blueskycycling.com/product3132_52_-Kenda-Blue-Groove-Stick-E-Tire%2A%2ABuy-1-Get-1-Free%2A%2A.htm"]Kenda Blue Groove 2.1" Stick-E wire bead @ BSC[/URL]Read More »

Did you stick with or change gearing at HC100, Cream Puff or even BC the next year?

I know there are many variables for choosing gearing, but for those who have finished the likes of High Cascades 100 and Cream Puff 100 at least twice did you stick with your 1x or 2x the next year? I have XX1 with 32 and 30T ring options, but have been on the fence about a 2x10. Probably a 38/26 ... Read More »

Stick with RC2 or go avalanche SSD?

I blew my fox 36 RC2 (inverted fit) over the weekend and only really noticed something was wrong on the last decent. Iv had the damper to my LBS and they have quoated me £180 (nearly $300) to rebuild the damper as it needs a new shaft assembly plus rebuild. So im now wondering if I should just upgr ... Read More »

stick drive train 12" hot rock

Just purchased a brand new 12" hotrock from my 3 year old son. his birthday party is this saturday. Purchased the bike from a LBS yesterday and at the time of the purchase the shop did a quick tune which must have comprised of checking the air pressure and wiping down the dust. I was checking ... Read More »

$&@# those stick figure families...

I think this says all that needs to be said :) Whatcha got? [IMG]http://img.tapatalk.com/d/14/07/22/vyqeqybu.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

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