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Topeak Pedal Wrench Tools

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Pedal wrench -- necessary tool or not?

just curious if people are finding pedal wrenches worth the $30+ (given use is only a handful of times per year) or could a normal wrench suffice? of course, i'm excluding extreme cases of rusted solid pedals which require tons of leverage to remove. i'm just wondering whether i should be adding thi ... Read More »

Pedal wrench question?

Looking to buy a pedal wrench and I see that most are 15mm. I wanted to verify my pedal size prior to ordering a wrench, so I tried a 15mm open end wrench from my toolbox and it does not fit? Both of my bikes have Shimano pedals, PD-647 and wondering what pedal wrench will fit? ThanksRead More »

Eggbeaters with pedal wrench flats?

Does Crankbrothers or anyone (other than Ward Industries as they are out) make spindles that have the pedal wrench flats? Ti is preferrable but I will take anything right now. Ward's says he is out and won't make another batch unless I want 10 sets.Read More »

Crank Brothers Candy - what is up with no pedal wrench option?

Why do Crank Brothers Candys not have pedal wrench detents? I hate using a hex wrench for putting them on or off. Their 5050 offering is able to use a pedal wrench so I know they can do it if they wanted :)... Is there something I don't know that is bad about pedal wrenches? It takes me twic ... Read More »

Pedal wrench vs. cone wrench

Went to the LBS for a 9/16/15mm pedal wrench. Ended up being given a wrench made for hub nuts. Both are the same size. A wrench is a wrench if you ask me... Says not to use on pedals... why not? It can't be that it's too weak, they must be able to handle the same force... so why am I not supp ... Read More »

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