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Slime Tire Gauge Tools

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MSRP : $4.49

Product Description

High-Pressure, Easy to use Tire Gauge 20 120psi.

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Accu-Gage Tire Gauge $3.99

Accu-Gage Tire Gauge w/ Pressure Release Valve (S60X) @ $3.99 anyone tried this model out and have any reviews? [url=http://www.sears.com/accu-gage-tire-gauge/p-02820528000P?sid=I0084400010000100675&aff=Y&PID=361116&AID=11042411]Sears.com[/url]Read More »

Tire/tube pressure gauge variability? Whats an accurate one?

So, I have a small handheld gauge (planet bike), a floor pump (Sette), and a car tire pump for my compressor (Sears) with a presta adapter. Each one of these is giving me radically different tire/tube pressure - varies by about 5-10psi which is HUGE for mountain biking. For example, the planet bike ... Read More »

Tire Pressure Gauge

I just got my first fat bike a month ago 2014 Surly Pugsley. Having a hard time finding a tire pressure gauge that reads 4-15 psi. Both my pumps gauges start at 20psi. Help pleaseRead More »

Tire gauge, saddle and light help needed.

Not sure where to start here. I'm a relative newbie riding a Rocky Mountain 29er hardtail. Let me know if this should be broken down into several threads: I've got presta valves on my bike and at the moment I use an adapter that screws onto the valve which allows me to use a regular tire gauge an ... Read More »

Independent pressure gauge for cycle tire

Hi, I have a Trek Hardtail MTB . The recommended filling pressure for the tube is 30 - 50 psi and it has schrader valve. I keep it around 40 psi. I have a mini pump with gauge, but the gauge has stopped working. I am looking at an independent gauge (not available in India) and came across these ... Read More »

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