Profile Racing BMX Crank Tools

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This Profile Racing BMX crankTool is for helping withThe installation and removal of BMX cranks.

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Crank length for mini bmx racing

So slapheadmofo has inspired me to sign Gwen up for bmx racing. She's 5. I got her a mini for her first bike, but she didn't like it. After shorter cranks, she likes it okay, but sticks to her mtb. When I sign her up to race, should I keep the 120s on her mini or put the stock 145s back ... Read More »

Euro cups/bmx crank conversion - help needed

I have a 'custom' 24" bmx cruiser. It's been modified into a 'b6er' (26" rear/27.5" front). For a long time I ran a standard square taper bb and mtn cranks. Recently I got a set of S&M euro cups and installed my old Redline Flight bmx cranks. Because Redlines bb spindle is proprietary, I had to w ... Read More »

Anyone use a BMX crank setup for the their 1x9

Anyone use a BMX crank for their 1x setup. I'd like to drop to a 28t ring and have found some BMX cranks that mount up with MTB BB cups. If so got pics? And is there a chainguide that could work with a 28t ring size?Read More »

BMX Style Crank conversion on Redline Monocogger...

... thinking about it, any recommendos on a system? Thanks Ride da Shiftless One my Son... :cornut:Read More »

Gearing and Crank diffs betw/ BMX Cruiser and DJ?

So I acquire a nice Redline Pro 24 for cheap and been having a blast on it for light DJ but the cranks are 180's. What gives? Do race bikes have longer cranks and different gearing? Anyone wanna trade (I need 175's max)? I think Profile makes Redline cranks? Also my friends tell me that the Red ... Read More »

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