Portland Design Works Chain Cleaner Tools

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The Mister Sparkle chain cleaner removes gritThat grinds down chains and sprockets. * Dimensions: 7 x 1.5 x 2.5" * Weight: 4 oz

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Isopropyl alcohol as chain cleaner?

Hi Guys, I dont usually apply any degreasers to my chain unless they are gunked up good and need a good cleaning. I always clean my chain with a small brush and re apply lube and run through a rag. When I do use degreaser I use the ecotech stuff and let it sit on my chain for a few minutes and ... Read More »

How do YOU clean your bike chain without a chain cleaner device???

Im not asking for advice i just want to know eveybody elses technique. I got lazy and put a solid 100 miles on my new bike before i cleaned my chain to relube it. I put a thin coat of wd40 on it then sprayed it off. Then hit it with the air compresor and put some gt85 on it. It wasnt how i wanted to ... Read More »

chain cleaner recommendation

Id like to get one of those hand held chain brush contraptions but which one? Ive seen some for $5 and others for $50. Id rather it not break the first time i use it but Im also not running a shop and it will only get used like once a month. Thanks!Read More »

Park Citrus Chain Cleaner

Is there any difference between this stuff and the any of the generic citrus cleaners you find at home depot of the market?Read More »

MAF or electrical cleaner on bike chain?

Is it ok to use MAF/Electrical cleaner on a chain? I had my chain off the bike and was trying to get it as clean as possible with cleaning solutions available to me. Heard Simple Green can cause issues. Tried using MAF cleaner since it's safe on plastic and evaporates very quickly. Anyone know if m ... Read More »

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