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Your tiny hex wrenches aren?t strong enough to remove your pedals or cranks after a couple days of muddy riding. To take apart your thrashed crankset, you?ll need a Hex Tool built by Park Tool. The strong, steel stem provides the leverage you need, and the ergonomic screwdriver grip allows you to torque loose even the most hopelessly stuck bolts. A ball driver hex on the opposite end lets you turn screws from obscure angles. Pick any one of three Hex Tool sizes to fit the job.The 6mm Hex Tool has the shortest stem and is suited for pedalsThe 8mm Hex Tool features a medium-sized stem and works for pedals and cranksThe 10mm Hex Tool boasts the longest stem and maximum torque for bigger, tougher cranksets

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Hex bit set

I'm planning to get a 1/4 drive torque wrench and will need a small hex bit set for it. Any recommendations and will I need to get a 3/8 to 1/4 adapter?Read More »

Hex wrench question

Hi Guys Still being somwhat new to working on bikes ( trying some things anyways ). I am looking at getting a set of handled hex wrenches, would you guys stick to the hardware store for something like this or is the park tool set a good investment or worth the extra cost? Thanks JeremyRead More »

Cool little hex tool

GDC Zip Hex. Ran across an image somewhere and thought it looked interesting. $11.25 from Arrived today and I've played with it a bit. Nice and light, enough leverage to tighten a seat post, more than enough to adjust a stem etc. Probably not big enough for crank rings or anything tough. ... Read More »

Small hex bolt problem

I'm replacing a bent derailuer hanger. The hanger is held in place by two 2.5mm hex bolts. First one came out just fine. Second one is stuck in there real good and in the process of trying to get it out I have managed to round off the corners of the bolt. Any advice on A) getting the bolt out and B) ... Read More »

Small Hex Wrench problems

Are you guys having success with a particular brand of 2.5 mm and 2.0 mm hex/allen wrenches. Over the past few years I tend to run across the problem of reaming out 2 and 2.5 mm bolt heads. From the get go I can feel a little bit of play with my wrench and it just a matter of time until the bolt h ... Read More »

Read More »




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