Park Tool Chain Checker Tools

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The Park Tool Chain Checker resolves unanswered questions about the life left in your chain. Broken chains suck, and worn chains don't shift well, so give your a check-up with the Park Tool Chain Checker.

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Park tool chain checker

Hi Guys I am still learning alot about mountain bikes and read that picking up a chain checker is a good idea to check to see if the chain is wearing, so I purchased the park tool CC-3 chain checker. The question I am having is How do I read it right,lol: The package says one side is for .5 ... Read More »

any feedback on a chain stretch checker tool?

Was curious to hear any feedback on some of the chain checker tools. Such as the Park CC-2. I have a chance to pick up one. Would like to hear your thoughts on which one to buy. Not trying to be flip, but not worried about the price. Would like to hear real world feedback from the folks using ... Read More »

Critique my chain checker.....

I am not very knowledgeable in checking chain wear. I came up with this design today, but I'm not sure if it addresses the task properly. Also not sure if anybody else has tried it this way. Any help from you chain nerds appreciated. Do you see any potential problems? The idea is to have a chain ... Read More »

Chain wear checker, anyone?

[COLOR="Red"]This is long winded, but it is an earnest question for tool aficionados and people who like to save money on their equipment. [/COLOR] As you all know, as the chain wears, the pin to pin distance increases eroding the 1/2" pitch that the chain is supposed to have. When this happens, ... Read More »

9sp Chain Wear Checker for Dynasys?

I've got a 9spd park tools chain wear checker tool. Will it be able to accurately gauge 10spd dynasys chains as well, or do I need to drop some coin?Read More »

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