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Lezyne Torx Tools

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Rounded The T-10 Torx head Trying to Remove Elixir Pads. Now What?

Damn. The retaining bolt that holds the pads in the caliper rounded out when I tried to remove it. Is there a small enough tap & die set to get this bolt out?Read More »

rounded two torx bolts on rotor f@#!k

I've tried "sponging" pb blaster under the bolt heads hoping that some will seep in. Today my L-shaped torx tool from Nashbar came in and was hoping the extra leverage would help. Well, ended up rounding two bolts that will now require some unconventional method to get out. I like the idea of cuttin ... Read More »

Torx Opening Stripped on Derailleur

Does anyone have a way to remove a derailleur off the hanger with the torx opening been stripped on the derailleur bolt?Read More »

How to remove stripped torx screw!?

I was swapping out brake rotors earlier and managed to strip one of the T25 torx heads. Out of frustration I attempted another bolt, carefully this time, only to strip it too. I was thinking to remove these bolts could I grind down two sides of the bolt head flat and use pliers on the flattened side ... Read More »


I stripped the torx t25 screw head and now i cannot get the rotor off. what's the best way to remove the screw?Read More »

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