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Lezyne Power Lever Tools

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Product Description

Don't let Lezyne Power Levers' simple appearance fool you. They are specialists. There are literally millions of more complicated tools out there that can't do nearly as good a job of pulling a tire off of a rim. The Power Levers' fiber-reinforced Composite Matrix construction can stand up to the nastiest wire bead DH tire without breaking or dinging your rim. The large, rounded handle won't dig into your hand as you put your full weight behind the lever, and the handy spoke hook keeps the lever in place while you go to work on the next section of the bead.Lezyne Power Levers come in pairs and are available in black.

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BB7s Terrible Braking Power (Changed from speed dial lever discussion)

I recently bough a bb7 and hs1 rotor kit. I found out that the rotors were fake, but I'm getting $25 back which means I got a pair of bb7s for $30. Regardless, people have said that the rotors preform just as well as the authentic ones. After having trouble installing the callipers, I finally did it ... Read More »

Avid 5's power and lever problem.

I'm after some help! I switch between two wheels regularly, one set for road one for mountain, I've been doing this for months with no problems. The other day when no wheel was in the front I accidentally pressed the brake lever, which, when I replaced the wheel made it tight. I played around w ... Read More »

Hope M4 - Pull lever 2x to get full stopping power.

Brand new Hope M4 disc brakes. The fronts work great, awesome stopping all around. The rears, I have to pull the lever twice to get full stopping power. And I have to do it in succession. Basically, pull once and I get a little bit of stopping power, not much. Then within a couple seconds, I h ... Read More »

Need Help Adjusting Lever Pull and Stopping Power On My Hayes'

Ok, well ive been riding for a couple years but never really worked on bikes so forgive me if this is something easy. I just want to know how to adjust the lever pull on my brakes because they dont engage until i pull the lever almost all the way back to my handle bar and the stopping power on my ... Read More »

Help - XTR Inconsistent Power - Not Lever Pull

My xtrs have same pull on levers every time but the power is noticably inconsistent -sometimes fantastic sometimes not great. Sometimes front, sometimes back. A friend has same problem. I've done everything imaginable and so has he. My hopes never did this. There is no air in the system and I use me ... Read More »

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