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Giant Chain Tools

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Giant cog killing chains- xx1 chain failure!

Just curious to know if any of you out there with giant cog conversions or xx1/xo1 are killing chains? It's no secret the bigger the cog, the higher the chain angle, the more lateral forces on the chain. Sram claims their xx1 chain is the strongest chain they make & I'm not so sure. My xx1 chain ... Read More »

Chain dropping off getting stuck between ISCG-05 tabs :** (

Anyone else had this happen? The chain dropped off the small ring today and got stuck between the 22t and ISCG-05 tab, after 10 minutes of trying to get it out I was about to consign myself to walking home. Finally got it free with a screwdriver and rock to knock it out. Chain doesnt look fan ... Read More »

Bike (chain?) sounds gritty

I recently started using Dumonde Tech BCL on my chain. I don't know if it was gritty before this whole process. I cleaned the chain by removing it and soaking it in park tools degreaser. I did this twice, for about 15 minutes each, and moving the chain around in the degreaser. It didn't make things ... Read More »

Geared drivetrains and swapping rings, best way to adjust chain?

I have a bike with a 2x10 drivetrain and am in the process of building up another bike with a 1x11. I ride all sorts of trails, some which are fast and flowy and benefit from a big ring up front and other times terrain with lots of steep climbing. I like to experiment with front rings and swap the ... Read More »

Most discreet chain tensioner?

Hi friends. I'm building my first singlespeed bike. Frame is in the mail. I was in my LBS today looking at singlespeed kits (sprocket, spacers and chain tensioner). He only had some DMR that were very colour full and a bit too "hip hop" for me. I'm using 90s titanium frame for this project so I'd li ... Read More »

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