Generic Chain Whip Tools

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This is a Generic Chain Whip tool. It will help you with the removal and installation of your cassette and freewheel. It's heavy duty and durable.

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Gatlinburg chain whip?

I'm vacationing in Gatlinburg and forgot my chain whip and cassette tool in Michigan. This is going to make single speeding up to Clingmans Dome a bit difficult. Anyone in the area have tools I could use for 5 minutes?Read More »

Check your chain whip!

Make sure you measure your chain whip to make sure the links haven't stretched. Also keep it lubricated. I failed to follow this simple piece of advice with devastating results. Also, never get it wet. It will probably explode. It's probably best to just replace them once a season.Read More »

Which Chain Whip? (Size)

Im looking to get a chain whip and I see that there are two different sizes. 1/2x1/8 1/2x3/32 Im pretty sure I need the 3/32 for my rear Cassette (9 speed XT I believe)?Read More »

Chain whip substitute

Discovered this works pretty well. It's a standard vise grip c clamp, just clamp it between opposite teeth on one of the larger cogs. Don't overdo the clamping force, but got the job done for me in a moment of need and it's all I've used since. Some minor grinding on the clamp tips would make it eve ... Read More »

Chain Whip - What did I do wrong

Last night I went to switch my XT Wheelset onto my new bike, having switched from 9sp to 10sp I needed to change over the cassette. The cassette locking ring was very tight and took a bit of effort to get off, but aaprt from that all went well. So, after putting the wheel on the bike, there was ... Read More »

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