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Dimension FlatTools are very compact and flat, ideal for minorTech emergencies while onThe road orTrail. Durable nickel plated CroMoly multi-tools. 10 in 1 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Hex keysT25Torx wrench Flat and Phillips screwdrivers Spoke wrench ChainTool 8 in 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm Hex keysT25Torx wrench Flat and small Phillips screwdrivers

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New Fuel EX 7 flat after 4th ride - get new tires?

So I've only had my '14 EX 7 for about 2 weeks or so and it's been great. I just got back from my 4th or 5th ride and when I got into the elevator to my place I noticed what looked like a leaf or something so just flicked it off only to hear air quickly escaping. Completely flat now. Awesome that it ... Read More »

Compromise flat pedals - ok grip without scary pins

My wife has started mountain biking recently. Her bike currently has plastic pedals like the kind that tend to come on new bikes. I know how much a decent pedal can help in rough sections, so I'd like to get her an upgrade. But here's the rub: sharp pins kind of scare her. She's seen my shins after ... Read More »

Flat Repair

Yeah, I've searched... I want a solution for repairing flat tires. Background: I don't ride much or far, and I (knock wood) don't get flat tires. There aren't many thorns around here. My commute is 8 miles, one way, and my idea has been that I would walk out a flat tire, one direction or th ... Read More »

Wide flat Chinese carbon handlebars?

Does anyone know where to get some cheap wide carbon handlebars? Something over 680mm wide, with at least 9 - 10 deg backsweep. Most of the chinese companies only seem to list handlebars up to 640mm and 5 deg sweep.Read More »

Small flat pedals

Just thought it may be useful for others looking for decent child size flat pedals to start a thread that could be used as a sticky. Options I've found so far: Sinz Micro pedals. [url]http://www.jrbicycles.com/storefront/images/uploads/Pedals/FlatsCages/pedl00044%20Sinz%20Mini.jpg[/url] The ... Read More »

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