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The Best Bike Tools You’ve Never Heard Of: A Profile of Brett Flemming and Efficient Velo Tools

Despite localized fame and industry notice, EVT flies under the radar with the bike buying public, somewhat by design. While Park Tool happily sells to consumers as well as shops, Flemming prefers to focus on the professional market.    Read More »

Just In: Specialized SWAT - Storage, Water, Air and Tools

Eric Schuda, engineer at Specialized went to observe the Leadville 100 Race and was horrified. He saw the finest mountain bikes rigged with duct tape and zip ties.    Read More »

Just In: crankbrothers Sterling and Gem Pumps, B-Series Tools

Crankbrothers updated their line with new high end pumps called Sterling and a new value line called Gem. Multi-tools that use a bit-based system were introduced too.   Read More »

Read More »

What tools do I need to change bottom bracket bearings?

I have a Fuji Nevada 3.0 (2008) bike and I want to change the bearings, but I do not know what tools I need. Here is a link for more info about my bike - [url=http://www.bikepedia.com/QuickBike/BikeSpecs.aspx?Year=2008&Brand=fuji&Model=Nevada+3.0&Type=bike]2008 fuji Nevada 3.0 - BikePedia[/url]Read More »

Art's Cyclery 30% off tools (including Parktools and Feedback Sports)

Art's is running 30% off tools this weekend. Found it on their FB page: [url=http://www.artscyclery.com/catpage-TDFPD7.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_content=day07&utm_campaign=tdf]July 5 - Stage 7[/url] I picked up a feedback sports elite for 154 shipped free. Lots of tools th ... Read More »

It's good having my tools back finally

Some of you might recall some time ago that I got my hands on a Whisky No. 5 carbon fork for my commuter. It felt seriously nice, but I was unable to get my front fender installed (it DOES have fender eyelets) because the custom paint job it had been given gummed up those eyelets pretty good, and t ... Read More »

SPD cone tools

Has anyone made any shimano SPD cone tools for pedal maintenance? I have seen some on chain reaction but 100 bucks for 2 sockets is a tad rediculous.Read More »

Tools Needed For SB-95

I've always been able to do normal maintenance on my bike like tires/chain/shock pressure etc, but I really would like to get to the point where I could do a teardown and rebuild of the bike each season. Problem is I have a limited amount of tools and I know that for each component there are some sp ... Read More »

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