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XLC Universal Disc Rack

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Disc Brake Not Fitting on Universal Forklift

So I have a Forrest with factor crossbars and the universal forklift. I have a Fisher 29er with an XT 180mm brake adapter. My brake sits too low and the fork does not fit in the mounting skewer. Anybody have this problem, and have a solution? Or am I damned to folding down the seats and throwing ... Read More »

CK Universal Disc rear hub

I just picked one up to build a rear wheel with 819 rims. I would like to service it before I build the wheel. Is this something I can do myself? I've heard CK has special tools. I've rebuilt Hadley hubs so I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty. The hub came with the 6 bolt adapter, am I ... Read More »

Chris King universal disc hub adapter removal

This is pretty annoying, but I can't figure out how to remove the universal disc adapter on a Chris King singlespeed hub. I did a search for a tool, to know avail. I just unlaced a set of 26er wheels and am trying to save the spokes. I'll have to have it off to lace the new wheels as well. Thank ... Read More »

a2z universal rear disc brake mount adapter

has anyone used this? i was in the shop getting a new wheel for the gf (her back when on her 4 week old bike wouldn't stay true) and the wheel the shop hooked her up with has a disc brake mount, but the bike itself doesn't. i made a comment that it doesn't do us much good and the guy said there ar ... Read More »

WANTED: 16mm Chris King Universal Disc adaptor

I need a 16mm wide CK Universal Disc adaptor for a bike building project I'm working on (yes, it's an Intense). Does anyone have that part lying around? The 16mm Universal Disc adaptor was originally used with older Magura and Sachs braking systems. I would be very thankful if anyone offered ... Read More »

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