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Trek Basic Rear Rack

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Product Description

  • NON-interchange compatible
  • Tig welded frame

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Basic rear derailleur question

Hey all, just wondering why rear derailleur cages come in short, medium and long lengths. I am building an older jeckyll and am trying to figure out which length cage i should run on it. It seems like I see a lot of longer cages on bikes, but am curious why you wouldn't use a shorter one so as t ... Read More »

basic Qs on rear Maxle Lite 142mm x 12mm

I'm new to the 142mm x 12mm standard, and - having seen [URL="http://www.pinkbike.com/news/12x142-explained.html"]this article[/URL] about it - I still have some basic questions, please. So, if the frame dropouts are for a 142mm x 12mm axle, does it necessarily mean that it'll accept a [URL="http ... Read More »

Basic Service For 08 Afr Enduro Rear Shock

After Folowing A Slick Honey Basic Service To My E 150 Forks Some Weeks Ago I Would Like To Do The Same With My Rear Shock. The E 150 Fork Service Was Very Well Documented With Pictures And A Step By Step Guide On This Forum . Results To My E150 Forks Was Outstanding! Now Its Time For The Rear Sho ... Read More »

Basic rear wheel installation

I just want to make sure this is right. It's a super simple question. I took off my rear wheel to check something on the cassette closer, and upon reinstallation I forgot how I took it apart. So basically on one side, there is a 6mm allen which is the gold colored axle. Then on the other side ... Read More »

basic rear spring question

Hey guys can some one explain how to read spring specs. I know there are tons of variation out there Example Manitou rear coil spring, 2.25S x 550# what dose 2.25s mean and 550# meanRead More »

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