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Spotted: New RockyMounts Aerodynamic Upright Bike Rack

Good looks, better gas mileage, and ease of use (especially for bikes with thru-axles) were the driving factors behind the design and engineering of the soon-to-be-released Rocky Mounts Brass Knuckles.   Read More »

Review: Yakima HoldUp Bike Rack

The Yakima HoldUp Rack is a compact and stable rack for $439 and it is one of the best ways to transport two bikes outside a vehicle.   Read More »

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge rack, Pro Truing Stand and Fatt Rakk

Feedback Sports has several new products for 2014 including the Velo Hinge pivoting wall hook rack, Pro Truing Stand for all axles and tire sizes and the Fatt Rakk fat bike display stand.   Read More »

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Building Concerned about "Professional Image" Tickets Bike Rack Users

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2013/08/02/bc-vancouver-bike-rack.html]Bike rack time limit outrages Vancouver cyclist - British Columbia - CBC News[/url]Read More »

Cheap bike rack conversion

I've always had to kludge getting my kids bikes on the roof rack to get them to the park. I had some old Thule wheel holders in the garage, removed the clamp-to-bar mechanism, so I slipped a cut up noodle on the legs and clamped it in my fork-mount tray. The front tire wedges nicely between the padd ... Read More »

MoCo Bike rack

So, recently I've been verbally warned a number of times that my bike rack was obscuring the license plate. The thing is, I've had it on there for half a year prior to getting these warnings this month. Is anyone else experiencing this? Should I just put the plate in the back widow of the car? I'm c ... Read More »

Single Arm hitch rack vs. Dual Arm hitch rack

Shoping for a hitch mount rack What do you like better...??Single arm or Dual arm? and why? I'm thinking about just buying a cheeepo Walmart whatever they sell. Even the cheep ones come in single or dual so just trying to figure what work best..?? ThanksRead More »

Yakima 1D Truck bed rack..anyone know of em?

I am looking for a pick up truck bed, bar rack that I can simply remove the wheel and clamp on my fork. I know Thule and Yakima both have some very nice ones, but I don't want to shell out $200 right now. On Craigslist I have come across an old Yakima 1D pick up truck rack, but cannot find any infor ... Read More »

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