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Jandd Low Front Rack

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The Jandd Low Front utilizes a uniquely simple design comprised of a single 3/8" 6061 aluminum rod that forms the entire main frame of the rack. Reverse inverted attachment armatures are double-welded at their bases for easy mounting to the lower fork eyelets. Slotted mounting tracks near the top of the rack allow for easy adaptation to almost any fork configuration. All stress points are double-welded.

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Options for heavy rider ,low end front forks

Hey guys !...i'm a 6'5' 270 lb first time MTb'r so I think i'm in the right forum !! I just bought a Diamondback overdrive with the Suntour XCT front fork...the more i ride it I love the bike, really discouraged of the front fork though ...my question is ...are there any options on replacing the fr ... Read More »

Front Derailleur - High/Low T/B/P?????

Hello, I'm a newbie to the MTB thing and hoping someone can help explain something to me. I purchased a used bike a couple months ago that has a 3X front XTR derailleur. Everything else on the bike is SRAM components and plus I want to go to a 2X system...can someone please explain to me what all ... Read More »

low 'stack' front derailleur

I set up my 07 stumpjumper FSR 650B. I am running a slant6 out back and it fits in the frame. I noticed on a recent ride I was getting rub somewhere. After further inspection It is when I bottom out the suspension in the rear and the tire rubs the front derailleur. It is currently a 9 speed Deor ... Read More »

Can't get front derrailleur low enough

I was running Sram XO 2x10 FD with 40T big chainring before. I switched to 38T and now I can't get FD low enough - it hits the chain stay and there's ~ 5mm gap between it and big chainring. It's 29" frame, so I guess CS is higher than on 26"... Are Shimano 2x10 front derailleurs any shorter?Read More »

Tubus ergo, surly nice front rack or old man mountain ultimate low rider?

Tubus ergo, surly nice front rack or old man mountain ultimate low rider? I can't decide on which on to go with. Part of me wants to settle on the tubus since it's relatively cheap. The old man mountain has a better design in that the upper bars are able to be always level to the ground. But i ... Read More »

Read More »




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