Portland Design Works CO2 Inflator Pump

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Product Description

The Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator is constructed from the ever-durable aluminum alloy. And considering that it's smaller in stature than a CO2 cartridge, there's no reason to be stranded with a flat -- that is, unless you forgot a tube. Hey, things happen. But the Shiny Object's clever design makes it something that we carry almost solely to show off after situations of duress. The Object threads onto 16g CO2 cartridges, and it features a control knob to regulate CO2 output. The operation is a breeze. Simply, turn the knob clockwise to close the valve, thread on your CO2, and then turn the knob counter-clockwise to inflate your tube. The inflator is compatible with both Presta and Schrader. We know that you'll be glad to have it around.The Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator is available in one size and one color. It's compatible with 16g threaded CO2 cartridges and both Presta and Schrader valve types.

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Found at demo: CO2 inflator +

I found a CO2 inflator and tube on trail at Demo on the 16th. The tube was across the trail and looked like a 2' long snake - made for an interesting moment for a second or two. Give me some more details on what and where, and I'll get stuff back.Read More »

CO2 inflator recommendations

I am happy to carry my trusty (and awesome) Lezyne pump in my pack for normal trail rides, but I am thinking of downsizing for race days. I haven't been overly impressed by the C02 inflators I've used in the past -- All the air comes rushing out all at once once you pop in on the presta valve st ... Read More »

Where to keep the CO2 inflator head

This may sound like a dumb question, but something I've been wondering. I mostly ride with co2 as my only inflation source (because I am fairly close to home). I have a 25g cartridge and a tube mounted under my seat via an awesome strap. Where to put the inflation head? I'm afraid if I screw it ... Read More »

Storing CO2 inflator

I'm trying to streamline my ride, by removing my camelbak and going to bottles. i'm use to carrying a pump, tube, tools, etc. in my pack, but am now going to start to carry them on the bike or in my jersey pocket. i picked up an air chuck elite and i'm just wondering if i can store the inflator wi ... Read More »

co2 Inflator?

Thinking of removing the mini pump from my bike and going with a co2 inflator in my saddle bag in order to streamline the appearance of my bike. I have never owned or used a co2 inflator before but hear they work fine. Any thought on making this switch as well as the type of co2 inflator ?Read More »

Read More »




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