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Lezyne Road Drive Pump

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Product Description

The Lezyne Road Drive Pump is to the Carbon what the Carbon Pressure Drive is to the Pressure Drive. This is the same smart pump design, with the same features, but with one change: CNC-machined aluminum standing in for carbon fiber at the handle, barrel, and frame mount. CNC-machined aluminum remains for the piston and end caps. It's a noticeable savings at the cost of a few grams.As with other Lezyne mini-pumps, this one comes with a hose. In this case, the ABS Speed Hose. This is a huge benefit for a few reasons. One is ergonomics; you aren't limited by holding the pump at a perfect right angle to the valve. A second is that this Flex Hose is ABS-equipped -- it has a bleeder valve on it. Because this is for Presta valves only, the pump head is fitted with a slip chuck. Press it on and it stays on.Lezyne Road Drive pumps are longer and leaner than pressure drive pumps. The 17mm diameter means more strokes than the Pressure Drives to get to the same place, but with less effort per stroke. It comes in two sizes, Medium, and Large. Medium can fit in a pocket, but you'll probably want to mount the Large on the frame.The Lezyne Road Drive Pump comes in Medium and Large. Medium measures 216mm long, and Large measures 283mm. The pump bracket is made of aluminum. Max pressure for this pump is 160psi. The colors available are High-Polish Black, High-Polish Silver, and Gloss White.

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