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K2 Bike Shock Pump Pump

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Product Description

The ultimate accessory for the Mega Air Fork. Oversized pressure gauge and Micro Bleed button allow the fine tuning required to perfectly enhance your ride.

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Bontrager Shock Pump Shocker

So my old shock pump finally died. It was purchased back with my first air fork, the Marz Fly100 and the air chuck finally gave up the ghost. In need of a new pump 'now' , I went to the LBS and all they had was a Bontrager model for $50! That is a lot of coin, but with my discount would be near i ... Read More »

Need a shock pump near Kona tomorrow am, please help!

Figured this is a longshot, but we are in Kona now and rented full suspension bikes from Bike works. The car rack bike strap was around my rear shock and when I cranked it it let all the air out. This seems crazy but it totally just happened. I'm trying to find someone local with a shock pump who we ... Read More »

Do you need shock pump to assemble bike yourself ?

I'm unsure if I need to buy shock pump or not for assembly of the bike. I bought this Marin Bobcat and I'm startig to watch some videos on YT on how to assemble a bike, and some state to inflate shock to manufacturer specific psi. [url=http://www.ebay.com/itm/400702655892?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_t ... Read More »

loss of air by removing shock pump?

is there a technique or rule, like 10psi over or something? iRead More »

Which shock pump to purchase...

Hi fellas, just wondering which shock pump do you guys like using? I have a front talas 32 RLC 09' and an older rear float shock im about 180 lbs with gear. I know Giyo is the main manufacturer for these pumps. So just want some inputs as far as durability, easy to carry in packs, etc.. With my ... Read More »

Read More »




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