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BikeE Air Shock Pump Pump

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MSRP : $40.00

Product Description

High-pressure pump fills BikeE shocks to match rider's weight for a comfortable ride. Features an easy-to-read gauge for accurate pressure. Handy bleeder button fine-tunes air pressure.

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loss of air by removing shock pump?

is there a technique or rule, like 10psi over or something? iRead More »

_____Do I need a Front/Rear Air Shock pump for my new mtb?

My new moto mtb will have air shocks on front and rear, do I need to buy an Air Pump for keeping them pumped up? Is it dependent on how rough I ride the bike?Read More »

Air Loss While Unscrewing Topeak DXG Pump from X-Fusion Slide Shock

I am coming from a SID (26er) and I have noticed significantly more air loss when undoing my shock pump from my new X-Fusion Slide (29er). Anyone else experience this or have a cure? I love the shock, but really want to figure this issue out.Read More »

What are you using to pump your air shock?

I recently installed a RockShox solo air fork which has a shrader valve for air inlet/outlet and was wondering if it is necessary to buy a shock-specific air pump with built-in dial gauge. Could I just use a small air compressor or are these shocks that finicky that a bike-specific pump is neces ... Read More »

Ok ok, using a Scott air pump on a Equalizer shock

This is going to sound dumb as I don't know the answer to this question, yet I've been able to dial in my bike decently well.... When you use a shock air pump on an air shock and you get to the right pressure, are you supposed to pump a little extra air to compensate for the air that's trapped in ... Read More »

Read More »




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