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Avenir MTB Shock Pump

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MSRP : $25.00

Product Description

Pressure relief button and screw engagement controls air loss. Easy to carry size with swivel hose. High pressure 400 PSI gauge with stainless hose.

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Shock or rigid front fork for kids 24" mtb

I've been trainging my kids up the last couple of years for some mountain biking. We started them on easy trials with 16" tires and moved up to 20" as soon as we could. It made a huge difference. Now I'd like to move them both (6 & 8 yrs old) up to 24" bike tire. We've been taking them on some ... Read More »

guess when the first mtb shock absorber system for was patented ...

from: [url=http://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/14-08-13/#feature]Skeptic » eSkeptic » Wednesday, August 13th, 2014[/url] "How about those shock absorber and suspension systems featured on modern mountain bikes? See the 1869 French patent for a twin-fork front suspension system using leaf springs, ... Read More »

New MTB rider needs help with rear shock

Hello everyone I am new to MTB riding and I just recently purchased a beginner nishiki full suspension bike. For the money it is a great bike I took the bike to a bike shop and they were surprise by the level of components on the bike. So far I clocked about 20 miles. It handles well on the roads a ... Read More »

_____Do I need a Front/Rear Air Shock pump for my new mtb?

My new moto mtb will have air shocks on front and rear, do I need to buy an Air Pump for keeping them pumped up? Is it dependent on how rough I ride the bike?Read More »

Need MTB to jump and comfortable with shock

I need a good bike for cruising and jumping that has a lock out on shock to where you can change lockout position on handle bars. I am 300 pounds and ride a XXL HT Rockhopper. Any help would be great thanks.Read More »

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