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Product Description

During the nineties energy bars gained quick acceptance over homemade and grocery-store alternatives due to their pack-ability, nutritional value, and long shelf life. In a word, convenient. At the forefront of that energy-bar movement was Powerbar and its line of Performance Bars. While most of those energy-bar start ups have quietly disappeared, Powerbar, like one of its sponsored endurance athletes, has soldiered on.This is because Powerbar has continually fine tuned its flavors and formula to ease digestion while providing nutritional benefits for high-intensity athletes. Fore example, each low-fat bar contains 200mg of sodium-based electrolytes to help the body efficiently replenish its water supply. This helps prevent dehydration when exercising or competing in extreme conditions.But, that's just one advantage these energy-bars bring to serious endurance athletes. Through extensive research and development, Powerbar's optimized a glucose to fructose blend with a two-to-one ratio for efficient and long-lasting energy. What they've coined C2MAX, this dual-source energy blend helps supply more energy to muscles than glucose alone.In fact, testing by Med Sci Sports Exerc journal as shown this ratio to deliver 20 - 50 percent more energy to muscles, and improve endurance performance by eight percent.Powerbar Performance Bars ten flavors are free from preservatives and artificial flavors. Each box contains 12 bars.

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Power/Energy/Granola Bar recipes for performance/recovery

I'm looking to make some homemade bars for performance and/or recovery, and am having a hard time finding recipes that aren't just from some random website. Does anyone have a recipe they've used that they would care to share? If you want to post power gel, or recovery drink recipes too, I'm sure t ... Read More »

Anyone using the Performance/Forte CTR carbon riser bar?

After just purchasing and mounting a Monkeylite EC90 SL low-rise (3/4") carbon bar, I realized I need more rise :madman: . I'm one of those people with a fairly long inseam and even on a large frame a low-rise bar is too far below the saddle for my personal comfort. I bought the Monkeylite at Pe ... Read More »

Best bar for endurance races between powerbar harvest and performance??

Hi Wich one of these two bars will be the best for a 12 hours race? I was leaning towards the harvest bars, because it seems to be a lot more tasty than the regular performance bars, plus potassium being a bonus againts cramps (the other ingredients, seems very similiar between both). But what`s ... Read More »

Don't get the Performance ViewPoint Flare 5 LED bar light

Hi guys. I meant to write a review of this light in the review section, but it isn't listed there. I'll just write my review here in case anybody searches for it, and so I can post a picture. Don't get the Performance ViewPoint Flare 5. I recently picked one up for $15, and thought it would ma ... Read More »

Performance CTX carbon bar, first impressions

Seems like a poor man's Easton. I pretty much bought it on a whim, cause it has a 5 degree sweep, and my 3 degree Zoom carbon bar felt too flat. I popped it on my cheesy postage scale, and it came up at 5 oz even, or 145 ish grams or so (+- prolly 20% :) Advertised weight comes in at 135g, so th ... Read More »

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