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Product Description

If you're looking to squeeze just a little extra out of your workouts, give Powerbar's High Intensity Beta Alanine a try. Beta Alanine buffers the lactic acid that your muscles create under stress, and helps to reduce muscle burn and overall fatigue.

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when to start high intensity???

I have had a long and deep ski season but need to transition into my bike. I have been getting about three days a week on a trainer for the past three weeks, roughly 5-6 hrs a week doing tempo/sub-threshold. i will ramp it up for a min. here and there but not much. I have skied about 22-25 hrs a wee ... Read More »

High Intensity Bike Shop?

Does anybody know if High Intensity Bike Shop in New Hampshire is still open for business? I've tried to contact them on a couple of occassions but not had a reply of any form?Read More »

HIIT- high intensity interval training

I read through the interval training sticky, and not much on this topic specifically........ by definition high intensity means just that so this is how it has to breakdown: duration - max would be 4 minutes.........so why 4 minutes ?? if you can do the intensity longer than 4 minutes, then ... Read More »

High Intensity Interval Training theory

I have been tacking this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that states that short 90% heart rate training is the key to fitness and weight loss. I'm not convinced because I'm not sure 10 minutes of sprints is going to get one ready for an endurance event. The HIIT proponents claim that long ... Read More »

High Intensity Steady State vs Interval Training?

I got a question for you training oriented folks. Let me preface it by stating that I have a pretty good long term understanding of the benefits of high intensity training and that I'm aware of most of the more recent research indicating that intensity will, in general, trump volume. But what I ha ... Read More »

Read More »




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