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Unless you supplement your carbohydrate source with protein, your body will start to digest its own protein (muscle tissue) for energy after about 90 minutes of hard exercise. So when your training takes you beyond the range of Hammer Gel alone, you can rely on Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy with its 7:1 carbohydrate/protein ratio. Sustained Energy contains a superior blend of complex carbohydrates, a precise amount of protein, and a few carefully selected micronutrients that all work synergistically to provide consistent, long-lasting energy. With Sustained Energy, you'll have 100% confidence in your fuel, even during your longest and hardest training sessions and races. Without any added flavoring or sweeteners, it has a pleasant neutral flavor with no sickly-sugary energy drink taste. Since 1992, Sustained Energy has stood the test of time in every conceivable endurance and ultra-endurance event. No matter how difficult or lengthy your exercise or race is, Sustained Energy will come through every time, and keep you going mile after mile, hour after hour.Hammer Nutrition Sustained Energy is easy to digest, with no stomach distress common with other sugar-filled sports drinks. It provides steady, predictable energy from a precise ratio of carbohydrate to protein. It enhances fat utilization from accessory nutrients and provides you with increased lactic acid buffering. It comes in convenient, versatile powder, and one container has 30 servings. It's ideal for workouts and races that last more than three hours.

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sustained energy and stomach problems

What's the trick to using hammer nutrition's sustained energy for rides longer than three hours without throwing up? The same thing happens with perpetuem. I bought a large container of SE and was hoping to use it for a 12 hour race next month. Any tips?Read More »

Hammer sustained energy or perpetuem?

I have never used these products, but have heard good things. However, reading the description of each they sound really, really similar. In a nutshell, which is better for super-long events like 24 hour+ rides? Also, are they really enough food to be your sole source of calories during an even ... Read More »

Q about Sustained Energy...

Some powdered mixes get slimy if you leave them mixed for a while (more than a day). I was wondering if Sustained Energy does this. I would like to prepare it the day before or two days before an event and not have it get slimy.Read More »

HAMMER TIME! Perpetuem vs. Sustained Energy

Hey Hammer Nutrition Users, Last year proper calorie intake was my problem. Been doing some research on the Hammer Nutrition stuff. What's better Perpetuem or Sustained Engergy? Much of the info is similar. I'm leaning towards Perpetuem as a primary calories source. "real food" didn't work so ... Read More »

Read More »




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