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This protein and carbohydrate blend helps you replenish glycogen stores that are lost during exercise. When glycogen is depleted, muscular development and recovery is hindered. Plus, Race Recovery's high concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) makes it an ideal choice for post-exercise supplementation. Replenishing depleted BCAA pools following workouts improves recovery and protects against muscular breakdown. Race Recovery is designed to combat excess free radical activity produced by intense exercsie with a solid dose of antioxidants. Glutamine may help minimize muscle breakdown and support immune function, allowing effective and efficient muscular recuperation to take place.
  • Flavors: Orange
  • Servings: 20

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Gave blood a week ago then decided to race cyclocross seriously - recovery tips?

After a long, ferocious, successful-for-me race season, I gave a pint of blood on Saturday, August 30. I am O- (universal donor) and they call me frequently to give blood. Since the season was over and I was only planning to do a few cyclocross races, it seemed like a good time to give. I raced t ... Read More »

Recovery after race

Just did my 2 6hr race i am haveing a hard time with recovery i am 58 years old . what do you do the first week after a long raceRead More »

Recovery from a 50 mile/6 hour race?

Did a 6 hour solo race this past Saturday. Ride time of 5:56, which was the longest and hardest effort I've done on a bike. Did a couple of 5 hour rides last year, including a 75 mile race, but that one had a lot of road/fsr, where this was all single track. Ended up with a race distance of right at ... Read More »

Pre-Race recovery

I'd like to hear how some successful racers recover from training prior to a race. For instance how much recovery before a Saturday race of approximately 1hour duration? Maybe even your entire race week ritual...if you can share it without having to kill us afterward.Read More »

Two Recovery Days Needed After Race?

I'm curious as to what the norm is for recovery time after a hard 2 hr mountain bike race. I raced on Sunday, took Monday off, and was hoping I would be fresh enough to do some threshold intervals on Tuesday, but as soon as I started riding I realized I was still smoked from the race - couldn't get ... Read More »

Read More »




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