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Review: Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel

This small Durango, CO company started mixing drinks in their kitchen for their own personal use so they could survive the rigors of the Leadville 100 race. What they came up with is a formula that is natural, dissolves easily in water and is easy for the body to digest.   Read More »

Review: Fluid Sports Nutrition - Performance and Recovery Drinks

Fluid Sports Nutrition is a company from San Luis Obispo that offers Performance and Recovery drink mixes that are easy to digest, taste great and offer crisp, light refreshment.   Read More »

Video: Fluid Nutrition Performance and Recovery Drinks

Richard Smith tells us about his San Luis Obispo company called Fluid. We at Mtbr have been using the Fluid Performance drink over the winter and we like it. Find out why.   Read More »

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Diabetic rider badly needs nutrition advice

So I have been mountain biking casually for several years. But this year I've kicked it up a couple notches and decided to train hard and ride as hard as I can. I tend to get my ass kicked by my diabetes most of the time. One of two things happens. I start with a normal blood sugar, and end up with ... Read More »

Can't view the Nutrition section...

I get a Database error. Only section on the whole site.Read More »

Alternatives to Infinit nutrition.

Hey everyone, So because of a few complications, I can't order Infinit nutrition from my country anymore. With the Europe store closing down and the US and CAN stores not taking orders from Ireland, it makes it difficult to continue using (I had been a faithful user for about three years now). ... Read More »

Clean Sport Nutrition webinar (warning, plant based nutrition)!

I am going to be watching this webinar this afternoon. It talks about plant based nutrition, fueling and recovery. Here is the link if anyone is interested. [url=http://www.learnitlive.com/class/4019/Clean-Sport-Nutrition-101]Clean Sport Nutrition 101 | Learn It Live[/url]Read More »

The No Brainer Nutrition Plan?

[url=http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/article-detail.asp?articleid=537]The No-Brainer-Nutrition-Plan[/url] I like the idea of not putting a lot of thought into nutrition but truly need some nutrition in my life. What do you all think about the advice in this article?Read More »

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