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WD-40 Bike Dry Lube

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Product Description

WD-40 BIKE Dry Lube. The new line of WD-40 BIKE products was developed for riders who love keeping their rig in top condition whether it?s on the move or standing still. The special petroleum/polymer blend forms a slippery dry film to protect your chain a

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Fox FIT Fork Dry Foam Rings -> Store Bike Upside Down?

My 6 mo. old Fox FIT RLC fork was feeling really sticky lately. I decided it must be time for new seals. So I took it apart and found the foam rings were bone dry. I've been running Fox non-FIT forks for years and I've never seen a dry foam ring upon rebuild. Do the foam rings typically dry out afte ... Read More »

Do you set up your bike different for wet and dry?

I was watching the race from Nove Mesto and they were talking about Jaroslav Kulhavy having 2 different bikes with different front end setups. I have never thought about changing any thing other then tires.Read More »

Dry cleaning my bike

I recently cleaned off my bike with dry rags/towels and brushes and a little spray cleaner. It occoured to me this might be a better way to clean it. In winter it is hard to rinse the whole thing and get it all soapy and stuff. I also feel like too much water spray is hard on the pivot points. So ... Read More »

Stolen Bike from Dry Hill

Well Dry Hill has been struck by a bike bandit. We were up riding today and Shawn (the official shuttle driver of Dry Hill) left his bike up at the top in the turn-around after delivering some riders. Upon getting back up to the top for his run, his bike was gone. Lame....and weird too. Keep an e ... Read More »

Best rims for dry weather fat bike??

Which rims are the best upgrade from LM's for dry weather xc / trail riding on a Pugsley / 9zero7. The lighter the better, but obviously strength would need to be similar to an average xc wheel eg mavic crossmax etc. What would be the best width for dry weather riding? the rims wouldn't need to do m ... Read More »

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