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Shimano Mineral Oil Lube

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mineral oil leaking from deore m596 lever

Hi all Just hoping that some one can point me In the right direction! I swaped my elixir 7s fo my old deores due to the braking feel and unreliability of the avids. Now lv bled the brakes the rear is really spongy and is leaking from the the lever (from under the resivour cap). And can not for t ... Read More »

Switching between mineral and synthetic oil (rainy day)(no TL;DR)(no chlamydibrah)

So since it's raining outside and my saddle rails have been shot to chit, I've been doing some reading. There have been a number of such threads in the past, and the conclusion in almost every one is that [U]synthetic DOT 4/5.1 will [I][B]destroy[/B][/I] seals in Shimano / Magura systems wh ... Read More »

Swapping brake hoses - DOT fluid to mineral oil okay?

I am looking to upgrade my old Juicy 5s to some new Shimano XT M785s. I have a nice set of Jagwire hose that I've been using on my Juicy 5s for the last 2 years. Here's my question: Will the hoses be okay to swap from the DOT fluid to the mineral oil for the Shimanos? Obviously, I would have to c ... Read More »

Shimano Mineral Oil

Hey guys! I plan on buying Mineral Oil from CRC in the next few days for myself. I don't need a litre though. Are there any takers to split the container? You'd need to bring your own bottle.Read More »

Rock Shox Reverb hydraulic fluid - mineral oil?

Simple question: Rock Shox Reverb hydraulic fluid: what is it? Mineral Oil? Followup question: Anyone tried putting this hydro fluid into Shimano brakes? I'm doing this in a pinch and I expect to get flak from some of you out here, but cant see why I should put $25/liter mineral oil in my br ... Read More »

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