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Shimano Mineral Oil Lube

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Shimano Mineral Oil Replacement

Does Shimano mineral oil deteriorate on the shelf or inside the brakes? I have been running Shimano brakes a few years and still feel as firm as when first installed. I am planning to use some custom hose and wondering if it is necessary to start with fresh fluid from a sealed container (like DOT ... Read More »

mineral oil leak tektro, Talon 4

hey guys new member here, picked up a talon 4 last week at my lbs, the rear brakes were a bit spongy (hydraulic disc) so i had them re bleed the brake and after a ride home i noticed that there was oil coming out of the pinhole in the tektro res cap, not a lot maybe 3 or 4 drops, is this normal? wha ... Read More »

Shimano mineral oil: come and get it

Seattle folks: I couldn't bring myself to pay $15 for a 50mL bottle so I bought the bulk one liter size. Which leaves me with about 700mL of extra oil to spread around. Figured the WA forum was the best place to do it. I've got some 125ml nalgenes already filled, or if you have an appropriat ... Read More »

transporting Shimano mineral oil brake fluid

i am flying to whistler tomorrow and i wanted to bring some mineral oil in case i need to bleed my brakes. i bot the 1 liter bottle. Can i pour a little mineral oil into a clean 5-hour energy bottle or a small peroxide bottle? will the mineral oil eat away at the plastic or become contaminated? ... Read More »

what brakes can use mineral oil?

my rear brake uses mineral oil, and i don't like to hold 2 different oils on 2 different brakes. i don't want to replace my rear one, but i'd like a stronger one for the front, but still one that uses mineral oil .Read More »

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