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Leg Lube Review

Leg shaving is a hallowed tradition for cyclists (not me), and Leg Lube Performance Shave Gel might just be one of the best products for the endeavor on the market. I was contacted by Austin Baskett from Leg Lube, asking if I might be interested in reviewing their athletic shaving product. I am a ...    Read More »

Review: Ernesto Bike Lube

If you are the kind of person that likes to support the "small guy" than Ernesto Lube definitely qualifies. Ernesto is a one man shop, based out of his home in Wisconsin. I first learned about Ernesto Lube via an email from Ernesto, so I did a quick scan of the Mtbr discussion forums and decided to ...    Read More »

Review: Vassago VerHauen 29er

Handmade American quality, exceptional versatility and silky smooth performance; all with an affordable price tag that simply VerHauens the competition.   Read More »

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Silicone lube spray on stanchions

Is it safe to use silicone lube spray on my rockshox stanchions? I am getting more stiction than I care for and don't want to service until the end of the season.Read More »

Lube Frequency

Hi Guys, I have just for the first time got around to getting onto my bike and have some questions ( 2nd year newbie ). How many times should I apply a chain lube? I know this can vary for terrain. But at the moment im just doing some paved trails so when I get home I just run my chain until I ... Read More »

Switching From Dry Lube To ProLink, A Wet Lube

I've been happy with using ProLink for lubing all my bike chains, mountain and road. I did Ride The Rockies, (road bike), and WD40 bike lube techs were giving out a complete bike wash and lube with their WD40 Dry Bike Lube. It's OK but I like my ProLink more, which is a wet lube. I normally don't ... Read More »

Chain Lube for 100 Miler in MD

If we don't get a bunch of rain later this week and weekend I will be doing the Patapsco 100, a new 100 miler in Maryland. This course is going to be pretty tough with a lot of varied terrain and some mud likely due to all of the recent rain. I am putting a brand new chain on my bike and looking f ... Read More »

WD-40 New Bike Lube Products

I'm just curious to what people thoughts are for the WD-40 product line. What do you like to use? [url=http://www.wd40bike.com/]WD-40 BIKE | A comprehensive line of bicycle care products developed for cyclists and mechanics[/url]Read More »

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