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Muc-Off Bike Spray Lube

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Product Description

Protect with Muc-Off Bike Spray's incredible water dispersing action. Bike Spray has a high oil content so is a perfect after-clean corrosion inhibitor which can also penetrate seized parts. It drives out moisture and leaves a sparkling non-sticky protec

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Spray-painted bike rims?

Hi guys. I was thinking about spray-painting my bike rims and was wondering what you guys thought. Will it look awesome or just stuff it up? Is there any special way I should do it? Any comments and advice are appreciated.Read More »

Bear spray on bike or on pack?

Do you carry your bear spray in a water botter holder on the bike or on your pack? Any clever way of attaching it to a pack? Seems to me most methods of pack attachment don't allow quick access to the spray. My thought was to insert the can into the bottom half of a plastic water bottle and leave ... Read More »

Bug Spray Destories Bike Gear/Clothing?

Looking for a bug spray I can use that won't destroy my bike clothing. I read the bottles of most bug sprays and they say "use only on cotton, wool, or nylon." The can then says "DON'T use on spandex, rubber, [etc.]...." I've seen helmets "melt" from bug spray. Any suggestions? Thanks!Read More »

OK to spray my bike down?

I am an newb for about three months now and I have noticed quite a bit of dirt buliding up on some of my components. I wipe my bike down, especially the forks, clean my cogs and chain with a brush, and apply Pedros Ice stuff (whatever its called, to lazy to go to the garage) after every ride. But I ... Read More »

Homemade spray on bike cleaner

............anybody know how to make spary on bike cleaner, like muc-off? [url]http://www.muc-off.co.uk/[/url].Read More »

Read More »




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