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Motorex Fork Oil Lube

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As the old saying goes, when it comes to mountain bike suspension, there's more than one way to skin a cat -- or tune a fork. Oil, springs, and shims all can be mixed and matched to change your fork's ride characteristics. Motorex Racing Fork Oil is a terrific option for riders looking to change the feel of their suspension fork or simply replace old fork oil.Oil serves two purposes in a suspension fork. First, it controls the movement of the wheel when it hits bumps -- we call this damping. Second, the oil provides lubrication for the fork's internal parts, protecting against friction and corrosion. And by changing the weight (viscosity) of your suspension fork's oil, you can alter how it performs on the trail. Higher weight oils (10W and 15W) are thicker -- they increase the fork's damping, providing slower movement over bumps in the trail. On the other hand, lighter, lower viscosity oils (2.5W, 5W and 7.5W) decrease a fork's damping.Motorex Racing Fork Oil features Low Friction Technology that prevents foaming and corrosion, while treating and protecting the fork's seals. It comes in a 1L bottle, enough for several applications.Please Note: Per UPS regulations, ORM-D items such as this must ship via surface transport: UPS Ground or UPS Standard (Canada). We are unable to ship ORM-D items Internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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Rockshox Recon Gold TK - Replace Recommended Fork Oil for Synthetic Motor Oil?

Hi guys, Rockshox Recon Gold TK service manual calls for 5w / 15w (oil bath/upper legs). I think I've heard of people replacing them with synthetic motor oil instead. Is that better than/on par with say Maxima Fork Oil? If I get 5W, what would the SAE be? 5W30, 40, 50.... ? Thanks!Read More »

Fork oil question

I'm planning to pull the lowers on my 2013 pike and replace the oil. I see rock shox recommends their own 0-w30 oil. I have a quart of 7w moto fork oil. Is there a big difference between the two? What would change if I used the 7w? I'll probably stick with what's recommended, but do I need t ... Read More »

Fox Fork Oil

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]Hi,[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial]I'm rebuilding my Fox F Series fork which calls for 7 wt fork oil. From what I understand I should be using Fox Green 10wt oil which is basically rebranded motorcycle Torco RSF medium.[/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Aria ... Read More »

Fox Fork: Did I use enough, or use too much fork oil???

Hi guys, I have a 2011 Trek HiFi Pro and just refreshed my "Fox F100 RL 29, 100mm travel" forks. All went smooth and as it should, until it came time to figure out which fork is which on the Fox oil volume chart. I went with with number 19... "2011-2012 F29 100". 30ml and 30ml... but I'm dou ... Read More »

Fork oil leak while in storage

My friend who is coming up to tahoe this weekend to ride shot his fork so I am going to let him use my 2012 RS Recon Silver TK I've had in storage for almost 3 months now. The fork has been in it's box resting on it's side with the air chamber side down. I just got the box down and when I opened ... Read More »

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