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Motorex Clean & Polish Lube

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Tubeless tire leak - 1/8'' clean cut on non tread portion of tire

I hit a flat this weekend and saw a small 1/8'' cut on the non tread portion of the tire, not being able to pump it to hold air, I popped it open to stick a tube. I noticed that it was completely dry of stans, my question is to keep running this tire do I leave a tube in there now, or should I try ... Read More »

How do you clean your shoes?

I usually spray off my shoes and let them air dry. Lately my shoes seems like they need to be disinfected. I have been thinking of soaking them in a bucket of dawn (antibacterial) and hot water then putting them in my dryer (shoe rack). I think my shoes may be giving me athletes foot.Read More »

how do you clean a new (but dirty) chain ?

so after a google hunt for the right way to clean a chain/drivetrain i realize the internet just makes some thing more complicated than it probably needs to be. But i did get 2 consistent take aways. [LIST] [*]The factory lube is the best lube, dont degrease (or at least dont soak) a new chain. ... Read More »

How to clean pivot points

I'm getting some squeaking from my new ASR-5. It's only about 3-4 months old but I've been riding it a ton and in horrible weather (including being completely submerged in a stream during a massive rain storm). The owners manual says to "clean pivot points" after a month. Exactly how do I do th ... Read More »

Clean Sport Nutrition webinar (warning, plant based nutrition)!

I am going to be watching this webinar this afternoon. It talks about plant based nutrition, fueling and recovery. Here is the link if anyone is interested. [url=http://www.learnitlive.com/class/4019/Clean-Sport-Nutrition-101]Clean Sport Nutrition 101 | Learn It Live[/url]Read More »

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