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Winter chain lube comparison.

So I thought I would use this winter to try out several different chain lubes and give a write-up comparison here. I live in Mesa and my riding consists mostly of Red Mountain, Gold Canyon, McDowells, South Mountain and San Tan. I will be using SS, 3x10 and eventually 1x10 with One-Up conversion as ... Read More »

ATB Chain Lube

Anyone see it around town? My LBS said they have not had any in stock for a while.Read More »

Will the Airport TSA take my Chain Lube/Gear lube?

Im flying to Asia-Nepal. Will they take my chain lube/gear lube at the airport? I never thought to see what they have available in Kathmandu, Nepal as far as lubes. Maybe I can just get some there. Anyway-will they take my lubes at the airport?Read More »

Chain lube that doesn't attract dirt?

I don't oil my chain drive because of all the dirt that gets caked onto it. I do however regularly wash the bike and change out the chain. I use to use Park Tool CL-1. Does anyone have some suggestions for a drive chain lube that doesn't attract so much dust/dirt? Or some other solution? My ... Read More »

Chain lube questions

My LBS told me the kind of lube I wanted to use for my chain and some other areas was a teflon based lube NOT petroleum since teflon does not attract dirt. Not being close to my LBS I decided to stop by my local auto parts store and look for a teflon based lube. I stumbled across a Chain lube in an ... Read More »

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