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Anyone worldwide may purchaseThis Fox Racing Shoxproduct, however,the delivery address must be insideThe United States. Fox Float Fluid 8oz bottle, part number 025-03-003-A.SHIPPING RESTRICTIONThis item is classified “ORM-D” and cannot be shipped via air. It can only be shipped via ground shipping methods. If you addThis itemTo your cart,The list of available shipping methods will be reduced. For more variety of shipping options, consider removingThis item from your cart (or placing a separate o

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Fixing Leaking Command Post with Fox Float Fluid or Stans

The command post on my 2014 expert carbon enduro is about one month old and loses air overnight. Met a guy yesterday in the same boat who said he added 10cc of fox float fluid to the post via the schrader valve and it has been perfect ever since. Also heard that stans works. Rather than suff ... Read More »

Less float fluid in air chamber to get more travel?

You are supposed to use 5 ml of float fluid in the air side of my fork (2012 Float 32 RL 80mm). I note I just can't get the last 5 mm of travel. I had the issue where the the Fox oil was leaking past the seal and into the air chamber..this reduced my travel and changed the spring rate until I dump ... Read More »

Adding fox float fluid to TALAS III neg. chamber

Hi, FOX states that you need to add some float fluid in the negative chamber but the spring service webpage doesn't cover this part of the fork. Does anybody knows how to lubricate this part of the fork or maybe have pictures to share ? Thanks in advance.Read More »

How much Float Fluid can one safely put into air chamber?

Fox specifies 5mL of Float Fluid for air chamber. If you put more then the air spring gets more progressive. I have 2013 Float32 29" CTD FIT fork and I would like to make it more progressive. I weight 105kg (230 lbs) in full gear and ride mostly XC and trail. How much Float Fluid can one saf ... Read More »

Suspension Grease or Fox Float Fluid?

At the 6:35 point of the video (below) the Fox rep says to place a bit of "suspension grease" to the seals. Is this the same as the "Fox Float Fluid" that my wife just came home with from the bike shop? (I asked for suspension grease). [url=]How To Serv ... Read More »

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