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Ernesto Lube Lube

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Product Description

Ernesto Lube is a readily & renewable biodegradable soy-based metal lubricating fluid made for your bike chain and for you to not feel guilty about the environment. AKA, bicycle bike lube. It is in par with synthetic oils, yet, there's a degree of friendliness to the environment. Lubrication is what keeps metals from getting all weird. And Ernesto Bike Lube, being that its healthy for the environment, will do you good for a while, because it lasts a while.

Ernesto Bike Lube Pro Review

If you are the kind of person that likes to support the “small guy” than Ernesto Lube definitely qualifies. Ernesto is a one man shop, based out of his home in Wisconsin. I first learned about Ernesto Lube via an email from Ernesto, so I did a quick scan of the Mtbr discussion forums and decided to give it a try. Ernesto Lube has been around for five years now and it is part of a growing number of biodegradable lubes now available on the market. Continue reading →

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Winter chain lube comparison.

So I thought I would use this winter to try out several different chain lubes and give a write-up comparison here. I live in Mesa and my riding consists mostly of Red Mountain, Gold Canyon, McDowells, South Mountain and San Tan. I will be using SS, 3x10 and eventually 1x10 with One-Up conversion as ... Read More »

ATB Chain Lube

Anyone see it around town? My LBS said they have not had any in stock for a while.Read More »

Will the Airport TSA take my Chain Lube/Gear lube?

Im flying to Asia-Nepal. Will they take my chain lube/gear lube at the airport? I never thought to see what they have available in Kathmandu, Nepal as far as lubes. Maybe I can just get some there. Anyway-will they take my lubes at the airport?Read More »

is this lube ok for hubs

im cleaning out my Shimano Deore (loose bearing) hubs. think this is ok to use.. [IMG]http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61kwI8taxfL._SY355SX349_SY355_CR,0,0,349,355_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_SX349_SY355_CR,0,0,349,355_SH20_.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

What lube for suspension

I have had a Fox FloarR since 2007, and I've never serviced it - but I've never had a reason to until now. I had to replace the valve on the shock so I opened it up to clean it out and I would like to replace the lube. All the o-rings look great, so I am going to keep them. I was thinking that ... Read More »

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