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Dumonde Freehub Oil Lube

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Product Description

When you're coasting, your bike shouldn't be trying to pedal itself. That speed-sapping, noisy drag in your freehub body can cost you valuable momentum. The only way to replace that lost speed? More effort from you. Low-friction Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil lubricates the mechanisms in your standard pawl freehub, ensuring that drag is reduced to a minimum.This oil is lightweight, so it resists the oxidation process that causes heavier greases to become thicker and stickier with age. And with a flow point of -40 degrees, Freehub Oil is well-suited for riding in lower temperatures. When applying to the freehub, follow the manufacturer's specification for the required volume. Most manufacturers of standard pawl freehubs recommend lightweight oil such as Freehub Oil instead of traditional grease, which can cause pawls to stick and lead to slipping. Because of its light weight, Dumonde Tech Freehub Oil can multi-task as cable and brake lever lubricant. Freehub Oil comes in a 2oz bottle.

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grease or oil on the freehub (pawls)

Hi, I noticed that the mavic crossmax hub was lubricated with oil instead of grease. Is it a common practice to use Oil vs Grease ? wouldn't grease last longer than oil on freehub and pawls ?Read More »

Freehub Oil

Since we get lots of calls and emails regarding winter lubes, I thought I'd pass this along. Our US hubs use a freehub oil for lube, and have been very reliable. On hubs that come with grease in the freehub, we have been replacing it with Freehub Oil from Dumonde Tech. It has a flow rating of -40, w ... Read More »

Mavic freehub oil question

I can't seem to find any Mavic mineral oil so I'm wondering if Dumonde Tec freehub oil will work. Or will just plain old mineral oil do just as well as the Mavic stuff? If not what would you recommend? (Scroll all the way down to see it.) [url=http://www.dumondetech.com/dumonde/products/bicycle- ... Read More »

Where to Find Mavic Freehub Oil, Please?

Have looked all over the web for Mavic Freehub oil, for my rear hub. The only place I found it was @ Cambria but they were out. Anyone know any where else I can find it, please?:eek: I've read a few threads where people have used Pedros Road Rage or Syn Lube. I'd prefer the Mavic original oil. Hel ... Read More »

Read More »




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