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Dumonde Freehub Grease Lube

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Product Description

Dumonde Tech Freehub Grease is designed for freehubs requiring lightweight grease rather than oil. These hubs tend to be more intricate than standard pawl hubs, which are simpler and have fewer parts. Dumonde's Freehub Grease is endorsed by DT Swiss, and used exclusively by Industry Nine. Heavier greases can cause freehub mechanisms to stick, which makes Freehub Grease a better choice for these applications.Freehub Grease performs in a broad temperature range, from the heat of summer, to frigid winter temperatures. Its flow point is -30 degrees. When applying to the freehub, follow the manufacturer's specification for the required volume. Dumonde Tech Freehub Grease comes in a 1oz tub.

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New DT 350 Freehub Drag - thick grease?

Built a rear wheel on a new DT 350 rear hub and notice that there is some drag in the freehub body. When freewheeling in the stand, it slows the rear wheel down slightly, and if coasting and back pedaling I'm getting a little slack in the chain. I assume it takes a little break in, but wanted to ... Read More »

grease or oil on the freehub (pawls)

Hi, I noticed that the mavic crossmax hub was lubricated with oil instead of grease. Is it a common practice to use Oil vs Grease ? wouldn't grease last longer than oil on freehub and pawls ?Read More »

Grease outside of freehub body?

I recently got a new bike (Tallboy), and when I removed the cassette I found that the freehub body was coated with grease. Is it common to grease the freehub body before installing the cassette? I've been using cassette hubs for a couple of decades now and have never greased the outside of the fre ... Read More »

Hadley Hub: What type of grease for inner freehub bearing?

Hadley recommends using Triflow on the needle bearing and needle bearing sleeve as well as the pawls. But what about the inner freehub bearing? What should I use in there? I just recieved my new enduro bearings so I'm ready to rebuild this hub. I'd rather not have to buy some 'special' mail-orde ... Read More »

Rock 'n' Roll Super Slick Grease for Freehub pawls

Hi guys. I was doing some maintenance to a powertap freehub body and a regular (no power) body from a sun ringle wheelset. Well, I see that using just some quality motor oil for the sun ringle wheelset could do the trick, but I want to know if I can use this same procedure for the powertap unit o ... Read More »

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