DT Swiss Grease Lube

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Product Description

-Recommended by DT-Swiss for lubrication of star-ratchets on all DT-Swiss brand hubs. Molykote TP 42 with 5% mineral oil admixture

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grease on my pads?? HELP

Yesterday i was washing my bike after a muddy ride and went back out for a quick ride and my brakes were working like a charm. But i forgot to re-lube my chain. when i got back home i squirted WD-40 on my chain and worked it in and went in for the day. i came out today to ride and was coming out of ... Read More »

GREASE to press a HS in Carbon Frame?

I'm going to take my new Blur LTc frame to a local shop tomorrow to have the headset pressed in. I talked to the guy who's going to do it and he says he butters it up with a little Park Polylube 1000 just like you would with an aluminum frame. I also asked him about using carbon paste on the seat po ... Read More »

To purge or not to purge grease?

So my 2011 Sultan developed quite a bit of creaking. Upon dissasembly I found a few dry bushings. I called Turner today and talked greasing technique. I have always injected grease until I felt resistance (flow stoppage) My last Turner (RFX) would take half a pump halfway through a season. Anyways, ... Read More »

Grease or no grease

Its been a while since I've wrenched on bikes and I just picked up some Al crank fixing bolts which I'll be threading into a Ti bottom bracket. I also got some Al brake posts with which I'll be securing the brake arms with Ti bolts. Should I use grease or Ti prep in either of these applications? Th ... Read More »

Which grease to use for front head bearings?

Hi had creaking while compressing my fork, while climbing and whenever i put weight on the front of the bike. So I greased the bearings in the head tube and the creaking stopper. It's started again after a couple of hour on the first ride since servicing. I think the grease might not have been tough ... Read More »

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