DT Swiss Grease Lube

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-Recommended by DT-Swiss for lubrication of star-ratchets on all DT-Swiss brand hubs. Molykote TP 42 with 5% mineral oil admixture

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Seatpost Grease Question

I am worried I lost all the seatpost grease on my Raleigh. One time I was drying off the bike with an air hose and accidentally aimed the pressurized air at the seatpost collar. Grease went everywhere, and I am guessing most of it is no longer where it needs to be. So my question is, is it import ... Read More »

Best grease for pedal spindle?

I have some platform pedals that are starting to sound a bit dry. Is there a particular grease that is recommended or works very well? I have some Santa Cruz Bike marine grease that came with my bike and was thinking about using that unless someone knew of something better? Thanks! :thumbsup:Read More »

Green grease or white grease?

I have a 10 year old tube of white, Finish Line teflon grease that I use whenever I'm working on my bikes. Last night, when upgrading my rear Hope Pro2 EVO hub to 142x12, I accidentally pulled off the whole freehub body. OOPS! Pretty cool, though, as it's the first time I've ever seen the ins ... Read More »

SC grease gun cartridges - other options?

I was wondering if you any you knew of decent alternatives to SC cartridges, just at £8 a hit they seem rather expensive here in the UK. [url=http://www.santacruzbikes.co.uk/shop/product/grease-tube/512]Shop » Grease Tube | Santa Cruz Bikes UK[/url] unfortunately I didn't think to weigh the abov ... Read More »

Headset Grease?

I'm about to perform maintenance on my fork and wondering which one would be best for headset maintenance (while I have things apart) for mostly dry but sometimes muddy conditions. I have used Park Tool PPL-1 last time I cleaned the headset. Park Tool PPL-1 Polylube 1000 SRAM PM600 Military ... Read More »

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